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A water softener will pay for itself...quickly.

Here are a few ways I discovered the cost of a water softener or conditioner can pay for itself—quickly!!

With a water softener/conditioner:

  • Dishwashing soap can be reduced by as much as 70 percent.

  • Laundry detergent can be reduced by 50 percent.

  • The life of household water-using appliances can be greatly extended.

  • Clothes maintain their colors and last longer.

  • Fixtures & showerheads can be free of hard water buildup and scaling.

  • Softened water can dissolve mineral scale buildup in pipes and improve water flow.

  • Less shampoo and soap is needed to create even greater lather.

  • No need to buy “rinsing agents” for spot-free glasses and dishes.

All of the above help to save a tremendous amount in a household budget.

In fact, the cost savings associated with a longer life span of our water-using appliances was enough to convince me.

For instance, in the case of instant tankless water heaters, hard water caused them to entirely fail to function after only 1.6 years of simulated use, because of scale or mineral buildup associated with hard water.

That is about a tenth the normal life of the appliance!

Lower Energy Usage Means BIG Savings

One of the paramount ways a water softener can save a household money is in ENERGY SAVINGS!

A study conducted by the Battelle Institute* found that when gas water heaters were operated with soft water, they managed to maintain 100 percent efficiency over the simulated 15-year lifespan.

Gas water heaters are the second highest energy-using appliance in most households. On the other hand, water heaters operating with hard water saw a 25-48 percent loss of efficiency—an incredible loss of energy, which result in significantly higher costs.

Water Softeners Make Financial Sense

Just ask our new customers in Bessemer Alabama.

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