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Serving Water Purification To Alabama Homes and Businesses

In Birmingham, Alabama there are multiple sources from which drinking water is pumped to local filtration plants for use in homes and businesses. A water purification system in your home will assure that your water is the best it can be for you your family.

The process of filtering water at local treatment plants is a vital part of making sure that the water we consume is safe. However; with the increasing concern of toxins in local water sources in Birmingham, Alabama, consumers are looking for ways to insure that the water in their home is safe for their family. A water purification system has become a key factor in this quest for clean, healthy water.

Why Use A Water Purification System

A water purification system will rid your water of harmful chemicals, hardness minerals, foul taste/odor, and other contaminants. These impurities are not only harmful for our bodies; they also shorten the lifespan of home appliances, water heaters, and plumbing.

In Birmingham, Alabama consumers spend thousands of dollars each year combating the damage of hard water. A water purification system can drastically reduce this cost by preventing lime, scale, and other minerals from building up inside your appliances and plumbing in your Birmingham, Al home.

Just like the appliances in our homes, our bodies also benefit from clean water. Everyone knows that consuming enough water is vital for our health and wellbeing. With a water purification system in your home, you can rest assured that the water you consume is high quality and free from these impurities.

5 Signs You Need A Water Purifier

1. If your home is old - Homes built before the 80s can often have lead in the pipes and require you to use a water purifier.

2. If your water tastes off - When in doubt, trust your gut instincts. You know what clean water tastes like and if there's every any doubt contact our Birmingham water purification experts about getting your water clean.

3. Your soap and cleaning products don't seem to be working - When your water is hard and full of chemicals and minerals, it might have a hard timing mixing with your hand soap, laundry detergent, or shampoo.

4. Visible stains on your plumbing appliances - The color of the stain will be a good indicator of the mineral that's in your water. You can clean the stains with bleach, but until you subscribe to water purification or softening, the stains will return.

5.Your water looks unclear - Just try filling up a clear water bottle and look at your water to see if it's cloudy or clear. Another test is to then put soap in your water and shake the bottle. If your bottle is full of bubbles and suds then your water is fine. But if the water becomes cloudy with minimal suds, then you have hard water and should contact our Birmingham water purification specialists.

Types of Water Purification Systems

There are a few options to consider when purchasing a water purification system in Birmingham, Alabama. The type of system depends largely on the water source and condition of the water once it reaches your home.

  • Activated Carbon System: These systems remove larger impurities from the water. They also reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, resulting in less odor and better taste.
  • Ion Exchange System: This type of water purification system removes calcium and magnesium from the water supply along with other metals which cause hard water. They also improve the taste and odor of the water.
  • Well Water System: In Birmingham, Alabama, many homeowners rely on wells as the source of water for their families. These water purification systems are specifically designed to remove iron, manganese, sulfur, sulfates, tannins, nitrates, and harmful microorganisms from the water supply.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: This water purification system involves a multi-step process to insure high quality drinking water. It removes a multitude of contaminants that can be harmful to your health.

Because of the ever-changing condition of our natural water sources in Birmingham, Alabama, many health professionals as well as homebuilders recommend a water purification system in every home.

If you think our Birmingham water purification system or water purifier experts can help your Birmingham home, contact us here or call Aqua Systems of Alabama at (205) 383-3999.

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