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Innovative leaders in well water filtration systems for well water problems

Quality water filters to improve your family's quality of life.

If you have a private well in Alabama that produces water with objectionable smells, metallic tastes, or cloudy water, red, black, or white staining, you need a well water filtration system from Aqua Systems of Alabama.

We sell and service well filter systems that will solve a variety of well water problems such as:

  • Iron
  • Iron Bacteria
  • Mangansese
  • Acidity
  • Alkalinity
  • High TDS
  • Hard water
  • Hydrogen sulfide (sulfur or rotten egg smell)
  • Nitrates
  • E Coli bacteria
  • Coliform Bacteria

If you have any of the above well water problems in Birmingham Alabama, we suggest you call to schedule a time to have your water tested by one of our technicans. This will enable us to custom design a solution for your particular well water problem.

Our advanced technologies remove contaminants so only the cleanest water is running throughout your home. Aqua Systems uses powerful filtering technologies such as:

  • Water conditioning and filtering
  • Ion exchange
  • Micro-filtration
  • Ultra-filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultraviolet sterilization
  • PH neutralization
  • Iron treatment
  • Chemical injection

We can also install, service and maintain your existing well water filtration equipment. We stock parts for most brands. To give you the best possible service, all of our technicians are trained and educated on every Aqua Systems branded product. You can depend on their knowledge in choosing the ideal system for your Birmingham Alabama home or business.

For over 50 years, Aqua Systems has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners by providing them with efficient, high quality water filtration systems for the freshest, safest well water possible. Our filtration systems filter and purify millions of gallons of water every year.

Rave Reviews from Our Clients

  • “The system softened the water and filtered out the sulfur. We love it!”

    R. King

  • “We are looking forward to better water, softer skin and easier cleaning.”

    A. Johnson

  • “We are looking forward to help with dry skin.”

    L. Quillen

  • “We are looking forward to clean water. The whole family could tell the difference after showering.”

    D. Taylor

  • “We are looking forward to not having hard water, chlorine out of water, and help with dry skin/rashes.”

    B. Boothe

  • “We are looking forward to softer skin, softer skin after bathing, cleaner dishes, better air quality.”

    D. Walker

  • “Easier cleaning!”

    G. Tuckerman

  • “We are looking forward to better tasting water, softer clothes when washed, cleaner air.”

    K. Spiller

  • “Reason I love it- smell nothing in the water...”

    S. Green

  • “We are looking forward to not having hard water...”

    B. Kidd

  • “We are looking forward to clean air, a better way of living and the health benefits of clean water.”

    E. Dooley

  • “I'm looking forward to easier cleaning and being able to take the system with me if I move.”

    D. Wynne

  • “We are looking forward to better improved drinking water”

    W. Rickett

  • “better water, safer drinking water.”

    T. Frost

  • “Looking forward to not buying bottled water, having clean air and saving money.”

    J. Rhodes