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Why do you need a water softener for your home or business in Gadsden, Alabama?

While numerous components exist in Gadsden's water supply, it is viewed as “hard” when it contains high measures of calcium, magnesium, lime and other impurities. The level of hardness is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). Soft water has less than 1 GPG of these minerals, while hard water can have more than 10.5 GPG. Most water supplies in Gadsden, AL and surrounding areas measure high on the GPG scale, despite the efforts of local filtering plants. A water softener in your Gadsden, AL home or business will eliminate hard water problems.

Gadsden, AL homes and businesses enjoy an abundant supply of water from the Coosa River. This watershed contains over 23 rivers and streams and 420 lakes.

Negative Effects of Hard Water Deposits

Hard water can cause a multitude of problems around your home or business as well as to your body. Hard water causes clothes to become dull and causes the fabric to wear out sooner. Plumbing work and hot water heaters can have buildup of these minerals, resulting in costly repairs. Hard water shortens the lifespan of appliances and causes dingy film residue to be left behind on shower doors and tubs. Hard water causes also dry skin and itchy scalp. A water softener can diminish all of the negative side effects cause by the water in Gadsden, AL.

Water Softeners Improve Appliance Efficiency

As indicated by multiple reports and tests, soft water is the key to having long lasting appliances around the home in Gadsden, AL. A water softener will enhance the appliances proficiency and viability. Clothes come out cleaner and more vibrant with the use of a water softener. Less detergent is needed when using a water softener also. Many tests have been conducted proving that while treating stains on clothing, the utilization of soft water had more of an impact than the use of cleaners.

Dishwashers were likewise tested for viability using a water softener vs. more cleanser. The results were astonishingly in favor of water softeners. While using less detergent, the dishes washed with soft water were cleaner and showed minimal spotting and film residue.

How Does a Water Softener Work

Water enters the control valve and flows through the media tank. The hard water is filtered and softened as it passes through ion exchange resin. Hardness ions are ionically retained in and on the resin. After complete softening, the water exits through a pipe in the center of the media tank and out the control valve. The soft water now travels to the kitchen and bathrooms of your home.

At certain intervals, the water softener will automatically regenerate the resin with a brine solution. The previously retained hard water ions are flushed out the drain and the unit prepares itself for its next cycle.

Many Gadsden, AL residents and business owners have already benefited from the effects of using a water softener in their home or business. If you suffer from dry skin, itchy scalp, dingy clothes, dull dishes, or your appliances do not seem to be performing as well as they should; a water softener is the smart choice for you as well.

If you would like more information about our Gadsden water softener services, you may contact our local office by clicking here or you may call us directly at (205) 383-3999.

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