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Blog Posts in June, 2018

  • Trussville well water is staining our clothes

    We received a call this week from Mr. S. He had bought a house a few years that had well water and it already had a water filtration system installed. The water was never very good, staining clothes and leaving stains around the house but the iron staining was progressively getting worse. He had several plumbing companies come out to try and service the filter but he learned that most plumbers ...
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  • Bessemer homeowner loves the new house, hates the new water

    The hard water in Bessemer Alabama was too much for our new customers. They had purchased the home new at the first of the year and immediately noticed the water wasn't the same as their old house. Their skin was dry and their hair was dull and brittle. They had hard water and soap buildup in their new bathroom and their clothes were fading quicker than usual. We send out letters to many new ...
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  • Madison Alabama family get a new soft water system installed today

    Our installation crew was in Madison Alabama, east of Huntsville, again today. As the residents of the area know, the water is very hard around Huntsville. The hard water causes dry skin, soap buildup in the showers and it shortens the life of water using appliances. We installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner to soften the water. A water conditioner also filters out the chlorine and many ...
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  • Water conditioner delivered to Madison Alabama today

    Today we were in beautiful Madison, Alabama again. We had installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner last week and today we are at the neighbor's home. Mr. A. had looked into getting a water conditioning system earlier this year but decided not to move forward when they were quoted over $5000. After contacting Aqua Systems they were able to purchase a whole house water conditioning system that ...
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  • Reverse Osmosis w/ Alkaline Drinking Water Filter

    Today we have an installer in Goodwater, AL. Ironically, the water in Goodwater isn't all that good. We are installing an under sink reverse osmosis drinking water system w/ an additional alkaline filter. It provides purified, alkaline water from its own faucet on the sink as well as the icemaker and water dispenser on the door of the refrigerator. Say goodbye to heavy cases of bottled water. If ...
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  • Aqua Systems featured on Talk of Alabama

    Click to watch Scott & Nicole discuss water filtration options on ABC 3340 Talk of Alabama. Thank you to Nicole and everyone at Talk of Alabama.
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  • Huntsville Alabama has very hard water, but it's not a concern for our newest customers

    Here in Huntsville Alabama, most everyone knows about the hard water. The neighboring county is called Limestone county for a reason. There is lime or dissolved rock in the water. It's known as hard water. Hard water causes the shower doors to look dingy and dirty because of hard water and soap scum buildup. It takes large amounts of dish soap, detergent and shampoo to get suds. Water heaters have ...
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