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Well water was leaving blue/green stains

A pH neutralizing water filter

Today we are fixing well water in Rockford, Alabama. Mrs. M called because their small sediment filter was leaking. During the conversation she also mentioned the water was leaving blue/green stains in tubs and toilets and had a metallic taste to it. After testing her well water, we found that the pH in her well water was very low. Low pH water or acidic water can leach the copper from pipes and fixtures. This leaching can cause leaks in pipes and the trademark blue/green stains anywhere the water sits.

To correct the problem, we installed a pH neutralizing filter to raise the pH above 7.0 and we replaced her sediment filter with a larger one to minimize the number of filter changes. All is well (pun intended) now with her water. Thank you for business Mrs. M. Rockford, AL

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