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Undercounter Drinking Water Systems

What We Offer

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  • Undercounter DI

    Elevate the drinking water in your home or business today when you switch to an undercounter deionization system from Aqua Systems of Alabama. This process removes dissolved salts and minerals missed by traditional filtration systems or even bottled water sources. The under the counter mount means you don’t have to sacrifice precious floor or countertop space while still supplying pure, great-tasting drinking water at the faucet.

    Why Choose Deionization?

    DI systems use an ion-exchange membrane to purifier water molecules and remove contaminants. Cation resin exchanges hydrogen ions (H) for positive ions, while anion resin exchanges hydroxide ions (OH-) for negative ions. DI systems pair perfectly with whole-home systems that can further remove organic molecules, viruses, and bacteria.

  • Undercounter RO

    Looking for an affordable and reliable under the counter drinking water solution? Then try the undercounter reverse osmosis system from Aqua Systems of Alabama! This multi-stage filtration unit fits conveniently under the kitchen sink so you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable floor or counter space. In just a day, you can transform your tap water and remove elements like unwanted minerals, lead, and chlorine.

    Why Choose Reverse Osmosis?

    RO filtration systems are some of the most popular options for business and homes, and are a great alternative to bottled water. This method of water purification utilizes intense pressure to force water molecules through a tight membrane, eliminating any contaminants found in Alabama tap water. Say goodbye to:

    • Lead
    • Nitrates
    • Sodium
    • Copper
    • Fluoride
    • Arsenic

Industries Served


Everyone deserves great-tasting water and we are here to serve you! We love working with all industries no matter how small or large your business is we can help you and your staff enjoy fresh-tasting water.

  • Medical
    Offer the best in bottleless water and ice technology for a pure hydration option.
  • Hotels
    Provide guests with that delicate, chewable ice they crave.
  • Gyms
    Make your gym members happy with unlimited purified water & ice.
  • Warehouses
    Hard workers deserve great-tasting drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Dental
    Your dental practice relies on DI water for dental cleanings and tool sanitization.
  • Offices
    Keep employees hydrated and motivated all day long with a new bottleless water cooler.

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Want to give our bottleless water coolers a test run? Contact Aqua Systems of Alabama today and start your FREE 7-day trial! Your machine will be installed this week! Don’t forget to ask us about our FREE water testing.

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Rave Reviews from Our Clients

    "We are looking to better tasting water, not tasting chlorine, and healthier water."

    We are looking to better tasting water, not tasting chlorine, and healthier water.

    - R. Dunn
    "We are looking forward to the savings on cleaning and bath and laundry supplies."

    Being able to drink water right out of the tap will save lots too!

    - T. Reid
    "Reason I love it- smell nothing in the water..."

    Reason I love it- smell nothing in the water, tastes like spring water, the way all soaps suds up.

    - S. Green
    "We are looking forward to not having chlorine, better tasting tea and coffee, and saving money on cleaning products."

    We are looking forward to not having chlorine, better tasting tea and coffee, and saving money on cleaning products.

    - K. Ward
    "We are looking forward to not having hard water..."

    We are looking forward to not having hard water, not having build up in the appliances, softer skin, and how white our ...

    - B. Kidd
    "Cleaner drinking water and less product expense."

    Easier cleaning!

    - G. Tuckerman
    "Impressed with the quality of water now- feels like I've used lotion when I wash my hands!"

    Enjoyed the demonstration- he had me excited about what we were getting.

    - B. Glasscock
    "This is one of the best. I have the best water."

    Every person that comes here says my water is the best they have ever drank.

    - G. Lay