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Are you tired of bad-tasting water in your home? Are you sick of your employees complaining about the water quality at your business? If this sounds familiar, you should call Aqua Systems of Alabama. We have been offering Birmingham water filtration systems since 1999, and pride ourselves on bringing clean, soft water to as many people in our community as possible. A new water filtration system can increase the lifespan of your plumbing equipment and pipes, reduce irritation to your skin and hair, and provide fresh, great-tasting water for your whole family. And with free water tests for commercial and residential properties, there’s no reason not to give Aqua Systems of Alabama a call. Contact our Birmingham water experts for more information on products and services today, and get ready to enjoy the water you deserve.

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Our Whole Home Water Filtration & Drinking Systems

Whole home water systems are a great way to get rid of water problems across your entire property. Plenty of municipal water systems leave you with water that is hard and full of minerals. That’s why we offer filtration systems that can make your water softer, thereby reducing odors, improving tastes, and eliminating rust and cloudy water sediments on your fixtures and dishes. And remember, hard water is also much harsher on your skin and hair, so if you have felt irritated following showers lately, a whole home water system may be just what you need.

Our Birmingham water filtration team is proud to offer:Water filtration system in garage

If you are solely focused on improving your potable water, Aqua Systems of Alabama can help with that, too. We offer drinking water systems that use reverse osmosis to fully purify and refine your water. Stop drinking nasty tap water or spending a fortune on bottled water, and call us for drinking systems in Birmingham that are guaranteed to give you great-tasting water every day.

Aqua Systems of Alabama carries drinking systems including:

Birmingham Water Softeners That Are Worth the Cost

When you have hard water, it means that the water contains excess minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. These minerals exist as ions are responsible for your water having a foul taste, being harsh on your skin and hair, and they can also damage your plumbing system. Fortunately, Aqua Systems of Alabama has a solution–we've developed water softeners that have set the standard for which others are judged. Using a process called ion exchange, our systems can provide your home or business with an unlimited supply of soft, clean water. Not only do our systems remove the harsh minerals, but they are replaced with beneficial sodium and potassium ions. One of the reasons why our water softeners are so effective is because we've made sure to address the hard water issue on a molecular level.

Some of the benefits of installing water softeners in Birmingham include:

  • Softener skin and hair that's free from residue or soap scum
  • Better functioning water using appliances because they will be free of buildup, ultimately resulting in them working more efficiently and lasting longer
  • Soap and detergent working more effectively to cleanse
  • Softer and brighter looking clothes fresh out of the laundry
  • Prevention of soap scum and scale build up in your kitchen and bathroom

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that each of our units are independently tested. Additionally, our units are certified by the Water Quality Association, which means they are guaranteed to work as advertised.

To learn more about our drinking systems, contact Aqua Systems of Alabama today at (205) 383-3999.

Our Full Range of Services

There’s no reason you shouldn’t get the most from your water filtration company. That’s why Aqua Systems of Alabama offers water filtration services in Birmingham for your every need. From system installation to ongoing water testing, our experts have the tools, training, and skills necessary to ensure your water always lives up to the highest standards. We even offer energy-efficient tankless water heaters, so you can get hot water on-demand, the second you need it.

Contact Aqua Systems of Alabama today for:

Why Aqua Systems of Alabama?

While a lot of water filtration companies are afraid to discuss prices and services over the phone, Aqua Systems of Alabama is always upfront and honest. Our employees will never pressure you into a product you don’t need after getting a water test, or upsell you on a service to make a commission. Instead, we pride ourselves on affordable rates and transparent prices. When you hire Aqua Systems of Alabama, what you see is what you get.

You can trust our Birmingham water filtration pros because:

  • Nine out of ten people who speak to us choose our business for water filtration.
  • We are Top Rated by HomeAdvisor.
  • Our prices are the most competitive in the industry.
  • We are a locally-owned and operated company.
  • We only use American-made components.
  • Our business has earned a BBB A+ rating.
  • Our seven-year all-encompassing warranty includes parts, labor, and service calls.

To start enjoying your new Birmingham water system, call (205) 383-3999 now, or contact us online.

Rave Reviews from Our Clients

  • “Installation was professionally done. Air purifier works great. Ready to enjoy contaminant free water.”

    D. Cockrum

  • “We have already noticed the benefits of our water”

    G. Lowe

  • “We were impressed with the water, not having spots on the dishes”

    I. Joseph

  • “We are looking forward to better water, softer skin and easier cleaning.”

    A. Johnson

  • “We are looking forward to softer skin, softer skin after bathing, cleaner dishes, better air quality.”

    D. Walker

  • “Looking forward to soft water and better tasting and healthier water.”

    M. Hayward

  • “Being able to drink water right out of the tap will save lots too!”

    T. Reid

  • “The system softened the water and filtered out the sulfur. We love it!”

    R. King

  • “We are looking forward to saving money on soap products.”

    B. Carter

  • “Every person that comes here says my water is the best they have ever drank.”

    G. Lay

  • “Enjoyed the demonstration- he had me excited about what we were getting.”

    B. Glasscock

  • “We are looking forward to quality of water...”

    C. Null

  • “Looking forward to not buying bottled water, having clean air and saving money.”

    J. Rhodes

  • “We can tell a huge difference in the taste and quality of our water.”

    T. Clemons

  • “I'm looking forward to easier cleaning and being able to take the system with me if I move.”

    D. Wynne

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