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Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • Lots of dirty water filters this week.

    We have been seeing a lot of really dirty filters lately in the Birmingham, AL area. The filters pictured here are from homes without a water softener. If you have a reverse osmosis system in your home but do not have a whole house water softener, your reverse osmosis system may be working harder than you think. Calcium and magnesium are two of the hardest minerals for the reverse osmosis membrane ...
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  • Bessemer, AL whole house conditioner with reverse osmosis drinking water

    We installed a Smart Choice Water Conditioner with a Pure Choice Reverse Osmosis Drinking System today in Bessemer, AL. After seeing the results of their water test by one of our analyst, Mr. and Mrs. M decided to take control of their water. They will no longer have to worry about chlorine, soap residue, and shortened life spans of appliances due to hard water. Instead, they will enjoy the many ...
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  • Hard water build up in pipes of Pelham, AL home.

    Pelham, Al homeowner, Mr. E recently contacted us about his hard water problems. During a recent home remodel, it was revealed that the pipes in his home were corroded with build-up in the lines due to the bad water flowing through them. Before continuing with the remodel, Mr. E wanted to make sure he protected his new investment from future hard water damage. We installed a Smart Choice Water ...
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  • Water softener installation on the lake in Talladega, AL

    We were recently contacted by 2 of the nicest people, Mr. & Mrs. H. from Talladega, AL about their well water. Their family had been experiencing hard water as well as iron in their well water, which was staining their appliances and fixtures. We removed their old, leaky iron filter and replaced it with an Aqua Systems Smart Choice Water Conditioner. Now they can soften the water and remove the ...
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  • New Water Conditioner installation today in Pelham AL

    We recently installed a Smart Choice Water Conditioner for the Mr. C. in Pelham, AL. After speaking with one of our long-time customers who referred him to us, Mr. C. called our office to find out more information on how to solve his water problems in his Pelham, AL home. He was experiencing hard water as well as chlorine in the water. His family is now enjoying the benefits of soft water, free ...
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