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Cheap 'internet' softener only worked for a few months


When our new customers bought their house 5 years ago, they quickly realised they didn't like the water in Trussville. The husband bought an inexpensive water softener off an internet site and had a plumber install it. It helped with the dry skin and soap scum for a few months, but then it was back to having bad water again. They were stuck, they didnt want to spend $1000+ again on another cheap water softener and couldn't live with the hard water in Trussville either, so they called Aqua Systems. We installed a SmartChoice High-Efficiency Water Softener that comes standard with a full 7 year wrap-around warranty that includes parts & labor. Now they will have softer skin, reduced soap scum, and better tasting coffee and they will have all these benefits for many years to come. Thank you for your business Mr. Chip and most importantly thank you for your service to the community! Trussville, Alabama

SmartChoice High Efficiency Water Softener

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