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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • Great water conditioner installation in Vestavia today.

    Today we installed SmartChoice Water Conditioner and reverse osmosis system in Vestavia, AL. This system will soften the water throughout the house and filter out the chlorine and other chemicals. The reverse osmosis system will provide purified drinking water and purified ice cubes as well.
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  • Hard water no longer ruining the appliances in this new Ross Bridge home.

    Our new customers recently moved from out of state to the Ross Bridge community in Hoover, AL. After only a couple of weeks, they noticed the water was much different than their previous home. "It smells like chemicals and all 3 kids are itching" said Mrs. H. Her family wasn't accustomed to the hard, chlorinated water in the Birmingham area. To improve their water, we installed a SmartChoice Water ...
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  • Rinnai Tankless Water Heater installed today in Hoover

    Today we delivered endless and instant hot water to a great family in Hoover. We installed a Rinnai Ultra Series Tankless water heater. This top of the line heater not only delivers endless hot water, but also instant hot water with an integrated re-circulation pump. If your family runs out of hot water, consider going tankless. Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters start at only $1999. Alagasco rebates ...
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  • Hartselle family, concerned with PFOA and PFOS, takes control of their home's water.

    Our new customers and friends in Hartselle Alabama receive their water from the West Morgan - East Lawrence Water Authority. After the recent EPA water advisory, they decided they no longer wanted to accept the water as it was given. They wanted more control over its quality. To make this happen for them, we installed 2 large granular activated carbon filters that will remove the PFOA , PFOS and ...
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  • New Gadsden customer says "I want the PFOA, PFOS and any other chemicals gone from my water."

    Our new customer and friend in Gadsden, AL called us after the recent EPA advisory concerning the PFOA and PFOS levels in her home's water. She and her husband were not only concerned about the PFC's, but also about what else may be in their water. As avid dog lovers, they were also concerned about the water they were giving to the family dogs. We offer several options for PFOA and PFOS filtration ...
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  • Never thought I would need a water softener, but my appliances don't agree.

    Today we are installing a SmartChoice Water Conditioner for our new customer and friend in Hoover, AL. Her plumber recommended that she get a water softener to protect her appliances from the hard water in Hoover. In the last year, she had to replace her water heater, replace her ice maker and had to pay her plumber several times to unclog her dishwasher. Mrs. M.'s new water conditioner will ...
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  • Local radio legend is upgrading his water filtration system today.

    A longtime customer and radio legend in this area is having his home's water filtration system upgraded today. His current system is almost 15 years old and is in need of repair. Instead of repairing, we are installing a SmartChoice HE water softener and a whole home taste and odor filter. New equipment, new all-inclusive warranty and peace of mind. Thank you for your continued business Mr. & Mrs. ...
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  • Water softener installation today in Pelham

    Now that their dream house has finally been built, the first call our new customers in Pelham made was to Aqua Systems. They had been living in Pelham for many years and wanted a whole home filtration system, but were waiting for their home to be completed. Knowing Pelham city water, we recommended a SmartChoice Whole Home Water Conditioner. It will protect their new appliances and plumbing from ...
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  • Water Warning Issued for Decatur Alabama

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  • I always wanted a water filtration system. After hearing about the PFOA and PFOS in our water, i wish i had called earlier.

    Mrs. B, our new customer in Gadsden, AL, was alarmed when the EPA sent out an advisory regarding the amount of PFOA and PFOS in her drinking water. As a lifelong resident of Gadsden, she had heard all the stories about the water in the Coosa River. Today we installed her a whole house carbon filtration system with water softener and a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Before our installers ...
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