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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • After lots of shopping around and thinking about it, Aqua Systems is the best choice.

    Our new customer today in Helena, AL had been talking with other water treatment companies since October of last year. She knew she wanted a water softener for the notoriously hard water in Helena, but she hadn't like the experiences she had with any of the other companies. Two different companies sent out pushy salespeople that she simply didn't trust. However, she was pleasantly surprised to see ...
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  • Our customer thought he had a leaking water softener, but it was his water heater.

    Our longtime customer in Hoover, AL thought he had a leak on his water softener, which sat beside his water heater. When our technician arrived he found that it was his water heater that was actually leaking from the bottom. So we replaced his water heater and upgraded his water softener to a new SmartChoice water conditioner as well ...and gave him 1 year to pay for it with No Interest. A deal he ...
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  • Bad well water is now better than bottled water for our new customers in Pelham, AL

    Our new customers in Pelham, Alabama have great water after their new well water filtration system was installed today. They had an older iron filter that was installed by their well driller many years ago. They were eager to replace it because it didn't completely take out the sulfur smell nor all of the iron. It also needed expensive service every 6 months. We installed a pH neutralizer for ...
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  • We can't take this water anymore.

    Our new customers in Pelham, AL didn't like the hard water when they moved in 13 years ago. The had an Ecowater softener and enjoyed the softened water, but it stopped working after a couple years and the Ecowater office had gone out of business. We were able to repair their existing water softener, but they felt it made more sense to invest in a new system. We installed a SmartChoice Water ...
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  • New installation in Birmingham today.

    Our new customers in Birmingham are enjoying softened, chlorine free water throughout their whole home today. When they bought the house, their was an older water softener already installed but it hadn't worked in years according to the previous owner. After living in the home for a few months, they realized why they needed a water softener. The whole family had dry skin, their clothes would not ...
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  • Our house if paid off, let's get better water.

    1st , let's congratulate our new customers in Highland Lakes for paying off their house! Now that they have cleared that big hurdle, they wanted to use some of the extra money each month to make improvements. The first improvement was soft water. The had been suffering with dry skin and rings around the toilet awhile. We installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner to remove the hardness and chlorine ...
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  • Recently moved to Birmingham, why doesn't this house have a water softener?

    Our new customers in Mountain Brook, AL have lived all over the country. Every house they owned has had a water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system. "We just assumed it was standard, like an air conditioner", said Mrs. T. It didn't take long for them to realize their English village home had tap water running through the pipes. "My hair was limp and lifeless and my skin drying out. ...
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  • Great water for her birthday

    Our installation today was in Mountain Brook, AL. Since moving from Atlanta, the Mrs. M. did not like how Birmingham's water affected her hair. She determined it was the Birmingham water after traveling out of town and seeing her hair begin to shine again. Once she returned back to Birmingham however, the dullness and frizzyness returned. The Mrs. has a birthday coming up soon, Mr. M. saw an ...
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  • New water filtration system installed in Gadsden, Alabama today.

    A Gadsden Alabama home received soft, filtered water today. Their old water softener had started havings some issues. With retirement coming soon, Mr. R didnt want any appliances in his home that might give him trouble in the future. We installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner that not only replaced his water softener but also his taste and odor filter too. The best part....we were able to ...
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  • Our new customer in Pelham, AL moved in to their house a few months ago and immediately noticed how bad their well water smelled

    Our new customer in Pelham, AL moved in to their house a few months ago and immediately noticed how bad their well water smelled. They spoke with a couple of their neighbors who have well water also and they recommended that he call Aqua Systems. After testing his water, we found he had hydrogen sulfide (Sulfur) and iron in his water. Sulfur is easly recognized by it's rotten egg smell. In order ...
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