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Recently moved to Birmingham, why doesn't this house have a water softener?

Our new customers in Mountain Brook, AL have lived all over the country. Every house they owned has had a water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system. "We just assumed it was standard, like an air conditioner", said Mrs. T. It didn't take long for them to realize their English village home had tap water running through the pipes. "My hair was limp and lifeless and my skin drying out. I don't understand why every house in Birmingham doesn't have a water system?". Neither do we Mrs. T.

We delivered to them a SmartChoice Whole Home Water Conditioner that will filter out the chlorine and soften the water. We also installed a PureChoice Pro Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System to purify their drinking water and ice cubes.

Welcome to Birmingham Mr. & Mrs. T and thank you for your business!

Mountain Brook, AL