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Bad well water made great today in Jacksonville, AL

A SmartChoice AIF Iron Filter water filter

Today's installation was in Jacksonville, AL. Our new customer had drilled a 400 ft well that produced acidic, iron water. To correct the problem, we installed a pH neutralizing filter to raise his pH above 7.0. We also installed a SmartChoice AIF Iron Filter. This iron filter is completely automatic and requires NO chemicals and NO regular maintenance! The result was iron free, delicious well water throughout the house. Mr. L gave us 2 reasons that we earned his business over the other two companies that gave him a quote.

  1. It was obvious Chris knew what he was talking about. The other companies had to send samples out of state and discuss my water with their managers. Chris tested my water on site, recommend a solution and answered all my questions.
  2. Aqua systems was $3000 cheaper than the other 2 companies! The decision on which company to choose was very obvious.

Thank you for your trust Mr. L. Jacksonville, Alabama

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