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Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • Water softener can solve multiple problems in Pelham, AL

    Our installation today was in Pelham, Alabama. Pelham water is considered very hard. Hard water can cause a multitude of problems around the house; hard water stains and soap scum in the shower, dry skin, shortened appliance life, and poor tasting coffee and beverages. In order to filter out hard water minerals, a homeowner in Pelham would need a water softener. Conventional water filters won't ...
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  • Water conditioner installed for a great family in Centerpoint today

    A great family in Centerpoint Alabama has great water in their new home. Shortly after moving in, they started noticing the bad smell of the city water and the hard spots that were showing up around the sinks. After a little investigating, they deduced that the water was causing the issues. We installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner on their incoming water line. They chose the water conditioner ...
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  • Drinking water purifier installed in Northport Alabama

    Why buy bottled water when you make it at home? Today we installed a PureChoice reverse osmosis drinking water system in Northport AL. No more trips to the store to lug home heavy cases of water. Most importantly, our new customers are assured they are drinking the highest quality of water.
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  • Pell City resident no longer has concerns about tap water

    Mr. H. in Pell City Alabama was tired of the hard water stains and smells from using his tap water. He had an older water softener that wasn't working anymore. Instead of repairing his existing softener, he had us install a SmartChoice Water Conditioner because it will stop the hard water stains and will also remove the unpleasant smells and tastes that are common in tap water. It also comes with ...
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