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Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • Water conditioner installed this morning in Bessemer, AL

    This morning we installed a SmartChoice water conditioner in Bessemer, AL. A water conditioner is a whole house filter system that solves multiple water problems. This particular system is designed to be a water softener and a whole house chlorine filter in one system. It works great on the city water around Birmingham, Alabama. However, if you're outside of the Birmingham area, we service most of ...
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  • No more hard water in this Pelham Alabama home

    What do you do when you clean your shower daily but it continues to have hard water build up? Simple, you call Aqua Systems. After all, we are the Home Water Experts (It says it right on our vans!). Everyone knows how great it is to live in Pelham but the residents in Pelham also know how hard the water is. We install and service a lot of water softeners in Pelham, but water conditioners are ...
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  • I wish i had gotten a water conditioner years ago!

    Today we installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner in Birmingham Alabama. The new owners of this water conditioner were tired of the dry skin and bad taste from their city water. They had heard that Birmingham had good water, but they were never happy with it. 'Good water' has different meanings for different people. What the city determines is good water isn't always what the end user would ...
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  • Whole home water filtration; water softener or water conditioner?

    Our installers were in Harpersville Alabama today, southeast of Birmingham. Our new customer Mrs & Mrs. S. had us install a Smartchoice Water Conditioner. They had researched water filters for several months looking at salt-free softeners, whole house water filters, and salt-based water softeners. They chose our Aqua Systems SmartChoice Water conditioner for several reasons; it is very efficient ...
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  • Water softener installed on a slab home in Helena Alabama

    Today we replaced an older RainSoft water softener in Helena Alabama. The RainSoft water system was installed outside and had frozen and cracked this winter. Unfortunately, the RainSoft warranty doesn't cover freezing and the replacement cost for a RainSoft water softener is over $5000. Luckily, Mr. E. gave us a call. We were able to replace his water softener with an Aqua Systems SmartChoice ...
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  • Another Trussville home is free of hard water problems

    Our showroom and main office are in Pelham, but you wouldn't know it by the amount of time our installation crews spend in the Trussville area. The incredible growth in Trussville coupled with the very hard water makes it a busy area. Today we installed another SmartChoice Water Conditioner in the beautiful Carrington Lakes neighborhood. Mr. H was unhappy with the hard water staining his showers ...
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  • Hartselle Alabama reverse osmosis water filter

    Today we traveled again up to Hartselle Alabama again to install a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Our customer, Mr. D, has been a customer for a couple of years. We previously had installed a well water filtration system in his new cabin in south Alabama, near Montgomery. He had concerns over the quality of the tap water around Hartselle. A reverse osmosis water system is the best ...
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  • Hard water is hard on tankless water heaters

    We were initially contacted by Mr. O in Talladega Alabama because his tankless water heater wasn't working properly and was leaking. We found that the hard water in Talladega had built up inside the heater. Repairing the heater was an option but considering the age and repair cost, Mr. O opted to replace his tankless heater with a new Rinnai Tankless Water Heater. He also decided to protect his ...
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  • Can't have the grandbabies bathing in smelly iron water

    We made bad water into great water today in Jemison Alabama. Mr. S called because his daughter and son in law were remodeling a beautiful house near Jemison, but the well water that supplied the house had high iron and sulfur levels. A water filtration system was in the budget but the grandparents didn't want the grandbabies bathing in the smelly well water. We installed an Aqua Systems air ...
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