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Huntsville Alabama has very hard water, but it's not a concern for our newest customers

SmartChoice Water Conditioner

Here in Huntsville Alabama, most everyone knows about the hard water. The neighboring county is called Limestone county for a reason. There is lime or dissolved rock in the water. It's known as hard water. Hard water causes the shower doors to look dingy and dirty because of hard water and soap scum buildup. It takes large amounts of dish soap, detergent and shampoo to get suds. Water heaters have a very short life. Many people also have dry skin problems from the hard water.

If you have hard water, the solution is a water softener. Water softeners remove the hard water minerals from the water by a process called ion exchange.

Today, in Huntsville Alabama, we installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner. A water conditioner will soften the water and will also remove tastes, odors and smells from the water. Water conditioners will soften the water throughout the entire house so that the shower doors stay cleaner and it will only take a small amount of detergent and shampoo to gets suds. One of the biggest benefits of soft water is the way it makes your skin and hair feel. Many of our customers tell us that they only feel clean when they shower in soft water. It's the most luxurious shower you could ever take.

If your thinking of improving the water in your home, give us a call. We can answer many questions on the phone and we offer free water testing.

SmartChoice Water Conditioner

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