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Reverse osmosis water filter installed in Alabaster, Alabama


Bottled water companies promise purified water, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations placed upon bottled water companies allow for over 70 chemical contaminants. At Aqua Systems, we operate at a higher standard, because we believe that you deserve to have verifiable purified water. That is why we offer in-home reverse osmosis drinking water systems. The PureChoice RO fits under your kitchen sink and comes with its own separate faucet (available in a variety of colors), providing you with drinking water in its purest form. It can even be connected to your refrigerator to provide you with purified chilled water and ice. Also, we offer alkaline filters for these systems, which adds in only the minerals that and in the right amount that your body needs. Interested in learning more? Call us or come by today for any questions. 

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