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Hartselle family, concerned with PFOA and PFOS, takes control of their home's water.


Our new customers and friends in Hartselle Alabama receive their water from the West Morgan - East Lawrence Water Authority. After the recent EPA water advisory, they decided they no longer wanted to accept the water as it was given. They wanted more control over its quality.  To make this happen for them, we installed 2 large granular activated carbon filters that will remove the PFOA , PFOS and many other chemicals throughout their entire home. They also had us install a SmartChoice HE water softener to remove the hardness and limestone that had been causing the family dry skin problems. Lastly, we installed a PureChoice Pro reverse osmosis drinking water system. A reverse osmosis system will filter the water down to a molecular level, providing truly purified water for drinking and cooking. This reverse osmosis system supplies water to their refrigerator, so the ice cubes can be purified as well. The best part of this installation is that we were able to solve this family's water problem for less each month than they were spending on bottled water. 

Hopefully, the EPA won't issue further warnings about the drinking water in the Hartselle / Decatur area. If they do, Mr. & Mrs. G. will have the peace of mind knowing they have already taken control of the water quality in their home. Thank you for your trust Mr. & Mrs. G.

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