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Water softener can solve multiple problems in Pelham, AL


Our installation today was in Pelham, Alabama. Pelham water is considered very hard. Hard water can cause a multitude of problems around the house; hard water stains and soap scum in the shower, dry skin, shortened appliance life, and poor tasting coffee and beverages. In order to filter out hard water minerals, a homeowner in Pelham would need a water softener. Conventional water filters won't help with the problem. Water softeners are installed on the main water line where it enters the house. All of the water, hot and cold, flows through the water softener where the hardness minerals are trapped and the water flows on, free of these minerals. Softened water extends the life of appliances and makes skin softer and hair shinier. 

If you are curious how a water softener could help in your home, give us call at 205-390-3424 or click or stop by our store in Pelham at 2134 Pelham Parkway.

pelham water softener filter

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