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The Dangers of Lead In Your Drinking Water


Since 2010, there have been a reported 12 Alabama schools with drinking water containing more lead than federally allowed, according to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. While federal and state laws are not requiring that all school water systems be tested for lead, the Alabama State Department of Education has decided to test over 1,000 schools over the next 3 years, just to be safe.

Dangers of Lead Poisoning

Drinking lead-contaminated water can be dangerous, especially for children.

  • Lead poisoning can cause developmental problems, brain and nerve damage, learning deficiencies, anemia, and hearing and speech impairments.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there is no “safe” blood lead level, so any amount of lead in your system can be harmful.

How Does Lead Get Into Water?

The lead in drinking water usually comes from old pipes, rather than a contaminated water source. The lead can seep into your water supply, especially if your water is corrosive, and contaminate your drinking water. If your water is corrosive, the lead can get a more solid foothold.

  • Corrosive water usually leaves visible signs on your water fixtures, like green rings around basins, or a bitter, metallic taste to your water.

Whether or not your water is corrosive, the lead can still be an issue.

  • When in your water supply, the lead has no distinctive taste, smell, or appearance, so the only way to know for sure whether or not your water is lead-free is to have it tested.

Older Homes Are At Risk

Nearly all homes built before the 1980s were constructed with lead piping or solder, and even if your home was built more recently, there is still the chance that surrounding pipes connecting to yours can contaminate your water.

Our Water Treatment Services Can Help

At Aqua Systems of Alabama, we provide free water testing for residential and commercial properties, and our consultations are complimentary. If you have any concerns about the safety of your water supply, we are happy to speak over the phone or come by to do an in-home test. Contact Aqua Systems of Alabama for your free consultation, today!

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