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Another Trussville home is free of hard water problems


Our showroom and main office are in Pelham, but you wouldn't know it by the amount of time our installation crews spend in the Trussville area. The incredible growth in Trussville coupled with the very hard water makes it a busy area. Today we installed another SmartChoice Water Conditioner in the beautiful Carrington Lakes neighborhood. Mr. H was unhappy with the hard water staining his showers and causing dry skin for everyone. Our water conditioner is popular because it solves multiple problems in one system.It removes the chlorine from the water which can cause dry skin, faded clothes, and bad tastes. It also softens the water which helps with water spots, soap scum, dry skin, etc. One of the best features of the SmartChoice Water Conditioner is the 10-year wrap around warranty, no more surprise repair costs.

If you live in the Trussville Alabama area and are tired of the hard water problems. Give us a call or stop by our showroom. We carry a full line of water softeners, water conditioners, and whole house water filtration systems priced for any budget.

Aqua Systems........Simple to Buy, Simple to Own, Simple to Love.

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