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Can't have the grandbabies bathing in smelly iron water


We made bad water into great water today in Jemison Alabama. Mr. S called because his daughter and son in law were remodeling a beautiful house near Jemison, but the well water that supplied the house had high iron and sulfur levels. A water filtration system was in the budget but the grandparents didn't want the grandbabies bathing in the smelly well water. We installed an Aqua Systems air induction iron and sulfur filter, SmartChoice HE water softener, and a ultraviolet light to disinfect the water before it goes into the house. Inside the house, we installed a PureChoice reverse osmosis system to remove the contaminants that you can't see or smell from their well water. 

The result is great tasting water throughout the house that doesn't stain the fixtures and ruin the clothes. Most importantly, everyone has peace of mind knowing the grandbabies are drinking purified water. 

well water iron sulfur jemison alabama

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