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I wish i had gotten a water conditioner years ago!


Today we installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner in Birmingham Alabama. The new owners of this water conditioner were tired of the dry skin and bad taste from their city water. They had heard that Birmingham had good water, but they were never happy with it. 'Good water' has different meanings for different people. What the city determines is good water isn't always what the end user would consider good water. Now that we have soft, chlorine-free water flowing throughout the house, everyone has soft skin and the shower doors are staying clean. A week after installation, Mrs. C said, "I wish I had gotten a water conditioner years ago".
The best time to have great water in your home is before you move you in, the second best time is today. Give us a call, we have water filtration systems that will fit into any budget.

birmingham water softener water conditioner

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