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What is hard water?


Hard water is water with a high mineral count. Groundwater often flows through limestone where is picks up calcium and magnesium. Your water may also have trace minerals like iron, manganese or even aluminum. Some of these minerals are not harmful, while others contaminants could impact your health. But what are the signs of hard water? When your water tastes or smells funny, your water might tastes or smell like rotten eggs, have a metallic or fishy taste. Taste or smelly water is a great sign that you have contaminated water. Stains in sinks or toilets, Soap scum or hard water spots on fixtures or dishes. Hard water can cause major plumbing issues as well. Scale deposits build up inside you pipes and can lead to clogs and calling expensive plumbers. Mineral deposits left on your skin after showering in hard water can cause dry skin and enhance issues with existing skin conditions like eczema. No matter which sign you are seeing, Aqua Systems can help. Call one of our water experts to get stared on your customized water treatment plan today. 

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