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Opelika Water Treatment Services

Full-Service Water Treatment Services in Opelika

When you hire a water filtration company, you deserve to hire someone who will give you the best service, a variety of choices, and answer all your questions about the water filtration process. We are a full-service water treatment company, and we take pride in offering a wide selection of services and programs for homes and businesses. We realize that not every customer needs the same water treatment program, which is why we offer a spectrum of services such as water testing, water filtration systems, and tankless heater installation. Any system we install and every test we conduct will be to the very highest standard.

As a full-service water treatment business, we offer:

  • Residential water filtration services
  • Commercial water filtration services
  • Water softener services
  • Water heater services
  • Water testing
  • Water system inspections & repair

Premier Opelika Water Filter Installation

Our water purity test is not a gimmick or a loss leader campaign. We’re more than happy to give our pricing and system costs over the phone without ever making a service call to your home. We want to earn your business, which is why we test your water and explain the benefits of our systems to customers. There are no catches, hidden fees, or surcharges to our installation process. We know that some water filtration companies have used these aggressive sales models, but we like to start by saying - we’re different. All our programs, services, and products are competitively priced, so if you call asking for our prices, we are happy to hand them over! We are leaders in Opelika water softener services because we respect our customers from the initial service call to system installation. We would love to conduct a free test on your water supply today. This informational tool will give you an idea about your water filtration needs.

Our top water treatment systems feature all American-made components:

  • Well water filtration systems
  • SmartChoice water softeners
  • SmartChoice water conditioners
  • Series 4000 water softeners
  • Salt-free water systems

Quality Water Softener Service

Water softeners conduct a process that remove the minerals from your water. These minerals are responsible for the unpleasant taste, damaged pipes, or irritated skin and hair issues you may be facing from your hard water. If you are concerned about the safety of your drinking water, or your business has received complaints about the quality and taste of your water, then we are here to help. We are the name in Opelika water softener services because we offer only the top brands and services to our customers. You can feel confident knowing that once your water has been treated with one of our premier systems, it will be thoroughly purified, wonderful to drink, and free from odor.

Our Opelika water filter services include these drinking systems:

  • Standard reverse osmosis systems
  • PureChoice reverse osmosis systems
  • PureChoice pro reverse osmosis systems

We offer our FREE water test as a service to customers so they can read the results about the water they’ve been using and decide if they want to make a change. We want to help you understand that clear water doesn’t necessarily mean clean or pure water. As always, this test is meant to serve as a tool to help you make your decision. You can review it from pressure, which gives you time to focus on the facts about your water. We offer honesty in billing, transparency in our practices, and we focus on ensuring our customers understand what they are purchasing. So, whether you’re in the market for a tankless water heater or a reverse osmosis drinking water system, make Aqua Systems of Alabama your first call!

If you think you need the services of an experienced water treatment business, contact our offices today to schedule an appointment. You can contact us online or dial (205) 383-3999. We’re standing by to help you today!

Rave Reviews from Our Clients

  • “We are looking to better tasting water, not tasting chlorine, and healthier water.”

    R. Dunn

  • “We are looking forward to clean air, a better way of living and the health benefits of clean water.”

    E. Dooley

  • “Good drinking water, saving money, good tasting food.”

    P. Billings

  • “We are looking forward to our "soft" baths and being able to drink out of the faucet.”

    R. Gaudet

  • “We are looking forward to better water, softer skin and easier cleaning.”

    A. Johnson

  • “(1) Clean water for multi-handicapped child (2) soft skin (3) fresh drinking water.”

    S. Eads

  • “I'm looking forward to not having hard water, not having to replace the water heater and shower head.”

    B. Hankins

  • “Looking forward to soft water and soft skin, better taste, and saving money on cleaning products.”

    P. Inmon

  • “We are looking forward to better tasting water and not having a smell in the water.”

    R. Wolfe

  • “We are looking forward to not having hard water and not buying bottled water and less water spots.”

    P. Jackson

  • “We are looking forward to help with dry skin.”

    L. Quillen

  • “Enjoyed the demonstration- he had me excited about what we were getting.”

    B. Glasscock

  • “Very impressed by the test and cleaning capabilities.”

    E. McGee

  • “We are looking forward to saving money on soaps and cleaning product”

    M. Jones

  • “We can tell a huge difference in the taste and quality of our water.”

    T. Clemons