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Mccalla Alabama Dream House Had Nightmare Water


Tom & Valerie lost their house in Pleasant Grove during the tornado outbreak on April 11th, 2011. Out of the tragedy, they were able to build their dream house on family land in McCalla. The only problem was that their water was a nightmare. They didn’t like the taste or smell, the mess it left in the kitchen and bathrooms, and they had to replace their dishwasher twice in just a few years. They thought there was no hope other than to buy bottled water after a water treatment company from a big box store quoted them just under $10,000 to improve their water. That was until they heard Scott on the Richard Dixon show discussing how it doesn’t take a fortune to get great water. Still skeptical, they contacted Aqua Systems and scheduled a free water test. You could imagine their delight when they discovered that they could clean the water to their whole house as well as add a Drinking Water Purification System from Aqua Systems for less than a quarter of the price of the previous quote. Now they have great water protecting their appliances, pure water in their kitchen for what they drink and cook with, and their water now matches that dream home that rose from a tragedy seven years ago.

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