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Bessemer homeowner loves the new house, hates the new water


The hard water in Bessemer Alabama was too much for our new customers. They had purchased the home new at the first of the year and immediately noticed the water wasn't the same as their old house. Their skin was dry and their hair was dull and brittle. They had hard water and soap buildup in their new bathroom and their clothes were fading quicker than usual. 

We send out letters to many new homeowners in the area. Mr. & Mrs. M received a letter and took us up on our offer of a free water test. We found that their water was very hard and way too much chlorine.

To solve their water woes, we installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner. This one appliance will be used more than any other appliance in the house. It will provide soft water throughout the house and will filter out the chlorine and the chemicals. We also installed a PureChoice reverse osmosis drinking water system under their sink to deliver purified drinking water. 

We have improved the water for thousands of homeowners and businesses in Alabama. If you wish you had better in your house, call to schedule a free water test. We can determine exactly what's needed and install it at a price you can afford.

bessemer alabama water softener

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