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Trussville well water is staining our clothes


We received a call this week from Mr. S. He had bought a house a few years that had well water and it already had a water filtration system installed. The water was never very good, staining clothes and leaving stains around the house but the iron staining was progressively getting worse. He had several plumbing companies come out to try and service the filter but he learned that most plumbers don't have a lot of experience with wells or with water filtration systems. Our service technicians can't unstop your toilet or fix a leaky faucet, but well water and water filtration systems are our specialties! 

We started by testing the water from his well to determine how much iron we needed to remove. We also tested the pH because a low pH can make the iron harder to filter out. We ended up replacing his old iron filter with a new SmartChoice Eradicator Iron Filter. It is completely automatic and doesn't use any type of chemicals. 100% maintenance free for the homeowner.

If you're well water isn't as good as you would like it to be, call and schedule a free water test. We helped Mr.S be able to wash clothes at home and we can help you too!

trussville water filter system iron water

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