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No sense in remodeling the bathroom until we remodel our water!


Today's installation was in the Cahaba Heights area of Birmingham. We met Mrs. B at the Hoover Home Show last month. She and Mr. B have been doing extensive remodeling to their home and were looking for ideas at the show. One reason she wanted to remodel her bathroom was that the hard water buildup had ruined her shower and fixtures but she didn't want to spend money to remodel the shower until she remodeled her hard water. She had us install a SmartChoice Water Conditioner to soften and filter the water throughout the house and a PureChoice reverse osmosis drinking water system under her sink so they could have purified water for drinking and cooking.

Now the bathroom and kitchen can be remodeled without worry of the hard water ruining the new appliances and fixtures. If you're thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bath, give us a call so we can give you options to remodel your water first. It will extend the life and look of your new showers and fixtures.

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