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Old water softener replaced in Hoover today


One of our installation vans is in Hoover today. We are replacing an old water softener that was installed by the previous homeowners. It has not worked in several years and the new owners did not want to put any money into to an older, out-dated softener. Also, the nearest dealer for that brand of softener is over 100 miles away in Huntsville so the new owners were concerned about getting future service in a timely manner.

To replace their softener, they chose the SmartChoice Generation 1 water softener. They were able to purchase a brand new softener with a new warranty for just a little more than just the cost of the repairs needed for the older, existing softener.

If you have an older water softener that's not working, give us a call. We can probably replace it with a newer, more efficient softener for a lot less than you may think. We have softeners starting at only $699.

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hoover water softener alabama culligan

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