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Water Filtration System installed in Cullman Alabama today


Today we are installing a salt-free, whole home water filtration system with an alkaline reverse osmosis water purifier. We typically install a water softener in the Cullman area because of the hard water, but our new customer recently had heart surgery and is on a salt-restricted diet. We did the math to see how much sodium a water softener would add and even though it is a small amount and his reverse osmosis system would remove all of the added sodium, being sodium-free was more important than the having the soft water. We also installed a reverse osmosis water purifier under his sink with an alkaline post filter.

This installation shows that Aqua Systems has a solution for every situation and every budget. We offer a selection of water softeners, water conditioners, whole home water filters, and water purifiers.

It can be confusing trying to decide what will work best for your situation. Save yourself the time and headaches and give us a call. We can give you direct answers over the phone or we can stop by your home and test your water and inspect your plumbing to see what options would work best for you.

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