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We hate our hard's already ruining our newly remodeled bathroom.


It's a common misconception that Birmingham has soft water. We test the water every day around central Alabama, and the results vary, but the water hardness is literally off the chart in many areas. Our new customers, Mr. & Mrs. T, in Oneonta Alabama had some of the 'off the chart water'. They had recently remodeled their bathroom because the hard water buildup had become uncleanable. They loved the finished product from the remodel but noticed that the hard water was quickly ruining their new bathroom.
To solve the hard water problem, we installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner to filter and soften the water in the entire house. Mr. & Mrs. T were also tired of lugging cases of bottled water home, so they ordered a PureChoice Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System to eliminate bottled water and enjoy ice cubes made with purified water.

After remodeling the water in their home, they are protecting remodeled bathroom as well as the other water using appliances in the house.

If you're curious where you're water is on the hardness chart, call and schedule a water test. It's no cost, no obligation and comes with a no-hassle promise.

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