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Why do I need a water conditioner?

Water Conditioner

Like the W. Family you might be thinking why would i need to filter my water? The main differences in hard water and soft water are most noticeable at home. You can actually see the signs of hard water and might not know it. Dingy clothes, dishes with water spots or residue left, bathtubs with film or soap scum. Hard water also causes hair and skin to fill squeaky and look dull. Hard water causing minerals build up in your appliances as well causing them to use more energy. Magnesium and calcium react with soap and cause you to have to use more. With soft water a bubbly lather is created, resulting in less soaps and detergents used. These are just a few of the most popular reasons for soft water. If you are at all curious what is in your water, call us today.

Water conditioner

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