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The hard truth about water softeners

By Tanna Friday


Everyone wants and desires better water. If you are looking to add more life to your water, then Aqua Systems of Alabamacan assist.

Did you know that Alabama has hard water? If you don’t know what hard water is, here is how to identify it in your home.

Hard water is the residue in your shower, grime near your facet that produces hard calcium and magnesium resulting in clogs and corrosion in pipes and appliances.

Sound familiar? Not only is hard water rough on pipes and appliances, but sometimes it’s not suitable to drink. This is where Aqua Systems of Alabama can provide a solution to your problem.

With over 20 years of experience in the Birmingham area, Aqua Systems provides top-quality water softeners and drinking water systems, which in turn provides clean, soft water to the community.

You can throw out those water bottles and save money. Aqua Systems can make your water pure and fresh, giving it an incredible taste.

President of Aqua Systems of Alabama, Chris Sims, explains that Aqua Systems not only provides better drinking water services but better customer service.

“Most water filtration companies are afraid to discuss pricing over the phone,” said Sims. “It is their aim to set up a water test at your home, where they will send a commissioned salesperson to pressure you into buying on the spot. At Aqua Systems of Alabama, we do things a little differently.”

“It is our goal to be an open and easy company to do business with. We are happy to answer questions including pricing, on the phone, but if you would like for us to visit your home and test your water, we provide that service as well.”

Aqua Systems provides services to commercial and residential including water softening systems, whole water systems, free water testing, water heaters and drinking systems. Sims explains that when choosing Aqua Systems, installation of their cutting-edge water filtration and water softening systems will be catered to all needs.

In addition to using American-made components, the price quote includes the cost of service and equipment.

How do you know if you have a problem with your water? Sims explains that after Aqua Systems has performed water testing at your home, They are able to provide the results immediately and explain how and what system will fit your needs.

Some reasons could be attributed to reducing poor odors and taste of water, cutting down on stains and rust on fixtures, and removing cloudy water sediments.

Speaking of cloudy water sediments, Sims provides a visualization for the calcium and magnesium sediments found your water.

“It’s like having chalk in your water,” he said. “When you have chalk in your water and the water evaporates away, the chalk will still be there.”

“It is tough on your skin, leaves soap scum and leaves all the white stuff on your shower head. When that is in the water, soap sticks to things that are in the water. So it sticks to all that stuff. That is how you get soap scum. It won’t wash away.”

Sims explained the difference between soft water to hard water.

Soft water coats your skin, which can leave a “soapy feeling”. Hard water, Sims describes, leaves the feeling of “squeaky clean”.

“This is caused by the friction on your skin since there is no coating,” he explains.

Sims explains further how water systems from Aqua Systems work.

“We sell whole house systems, which are water softeners,” said Sim. “We also have water conditioners that will soften the water and filter out the chlorine and others that are all in one unit.”

Sims said that when a someone has a water softener installed for the first time, while washing clothes, they can leave out detergent in the washing machine for the first wash.

“Once the water comes in, the water will start dissolving all of the soap scum,” he said. “All of the soap scum that is built in the fabric will release and the soap will rise on top of the water.”

Sims instructed that after the first wash, homeowners only will need to use half of the detergent normally used.

“When you have all of that stuff in the water, you have to have enough soap to coat all that stuff,” he said. “Once everything is coated, the leftovers are what make suds.”

Sims pointed out that there is a difference between a water filter, water purifier, and a water softener.

“A water purifier takes everything out of the water, whereas a water filter makes the water taste better,” he explains. “The system mounts underneath your sink and the faucet supplies the filtered water.”

“Most of the time, we can run a line to the refrigerator,” he continues. “This will help make the water and ice cubes taste better. It won’t be effective if one places unfiltered ice cubes in filtered water.”

Along with the products Aqua Systems provide, Sims says that they also warranty the products, which require little maintenance.

“There are a number of systems to meet the needs of everyone including a smaller water softener system for a small home as well as water softeners that include a filter,” he said.

Aqua Systems of Alabama is located at 2134 Pelham Parkway in Birmingham and can be reached at 205.383.3999. Visit their website for additional information such as additional services they provide.

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