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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Wow, thats a lot of iron!

    A local real estate managment company purchased a new rental property in Pleasant Grove Alabama. They had installed an off-the-shelf iron filter themselves but were still getting iron in the house. We tested the well water and were surprised to find 30 parts per million of iron in the water! We installed a Aqua Systems High Capacity Iron Filter, a Smartchoice HE Water Softener and an ultraviolet ...
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  • Our plumber said "You water has ruined your water heater"...

    Their water heater was only 4 years old, but the hard water buildup had burnt out both elements and voided the warranty. Their plumber said " when i leave, you guys should call a water softener company, I would recommend Aqua Systems." We installed a SmartChoice City Water Softener with taste, odor and chlorine filtration. One week after installation, Mrs. Tammy said "I cant put into words how ...
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  • New weekend getaway home 'had' bad well water.

    Our new customers in Clanton Alabama had almost completed building their weekend getaway home before he turned on the new well water. It smelled of rotten eggs (Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfur water) and it looked like tea. After testing his water, in addition to the iron & sulfur, our technician also found the pH of the water to be low. The next day, we installed an upflow acid neutralizer, ...
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  • Well water was causing iron poisoning in the garden

    Our new customer in Hoover Alabama was getting poor results from his garden. He looked to Auburn University for a solution. After having his soil samples analyzed, Auburn told him his garden was suffering from iron poisoning. The well water he was using to water the garden an iron content of over 4 ppm. We installed an Aqua Systems Eradicator AIF automatic backwashing iron filter to solve the ...
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  • Helena customer was tired of green hair.

    Low pH water (acidic) is common in well water in Alabama. Our new customer found out the hard way that she had low pH water when her light colored hair would turn green. In addition to low pH, the well also produced very hard water and lacked any bacteria protection. Now her lovely locks are no longer green, her water is soft and she can sleep easy knowing the ultraviolet light we installed will ...
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