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  • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    Vestavia Hills, Alabama

    Our Pioneer Water Filer is the first of its kind whole-house lead, cyst, and PFOA/PFOS removal system. Studies suggest that exposure to PFOA/PFOS may lead to cancer. This filter removes these ...

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  • Multiple locations
    Multiple locations

    Our installers were spread across the state yesterday. From a Smartchoice Water Conditioner in Montevallo, Alabama to a SmartChoice Iron & Sulfur Eradicator, SmartChice Gen2 Water Softener, and ...

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  • Well  water in Clanton, Alabama
    Well water in Clanton, Alabama

    Raw well water does not have any of the chemicals that the city adds to kill bacteria. This is the reason we added an ultravoilet light to this home. As the water passed through it will kill any ...

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  • Helena, Alabama Christmas present
    Helena, Alabama Christmas present

    This family chose GREAT water as an early Christmas present. The SmartChoice water conditioner is our most popular water treatment system this Christmas and in this Helena, Alabama home it was much ...

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  • Upgrade in Adamsville, Alabama
    Upgrade in Adamsville, Alabama

    What better gift for Christmas than an upgraded water conditioner? In Adamsville, Alabama, this family decided it was time to upgrade their old water softener. Our SmartChoice Water Conditioner is was ...

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  • The gift that keeps on giving
    The gift that keeps on giving

    Yesterday, we did an installation for a gentleman who wanted to surprise his wife with a Christmas gift that she can benefit from every day – soft water. To give his wife access to high quality soft ...

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