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Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • Well water was leaving blue/green stains

    Today we are fixing well water in Rockford, Alabama. Mrs. M called because their small sediment filter was leaking. During the conversation she also mentioned the water was leaving blue/green stains in tubs and toilets and had a metallic taste to it. After testing her well water, we found that the pH in her well water was very low. Low pH water or acidic water can leach the copper from pipes and ...
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  • 14 year old softener out, High Efficiency Softener coming in.

    Our customers in Hayden, Alabama had noticed their water hadn't seemed soft for the last few months. When our technician Nick stopped by to test the water and check their softener, he found that the water was indeed hard. He checked out the rest of the system and determined the softener needed a resin rebed (the media inside the tank needed replaced). However, instead of spending money on an older ...
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  • Hard water in Mccalla ruins a tankless water heater.

    Tankless water heaters have an expected lifespan of 20+ years..IF.. they have soft water running in them. Unfortunately our new customers in McCalla found this out the expensive way. The hard water had clogged the tankless water heater causing a $1000+ repair. We installed a SmartChoice Water Softener and a whole house taste & odor filter to not only protect the water heater, but all the plumbing ...
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  • "I like to take long showers, time to Go Tankless!"

    When these 9 year old water heaters started leaking, Mrs. F. knew she wanted to go tankless. She loves long showers and even though she had 2- 50 gallon gas water heaters, it still wasn't enough hot water sometimes. We were able to install a Rinnai Tankless water heater for less than the cost of replacing 2 tank type heaters. Everybody wins! For never ending hot water in your home, call us for a ...
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  • Looking For Good Drinking Water

    Today we are installing a standard reverse osmosis drinking water system in Leeds, Alabama. It's the perfect solution for a small family.
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  • You don't know what you have until it's gone.

    Our new customers in Hoover, AL are having a SmartChoice Water Conditioner and a PureChoice Reverse Osmosis system installed today. They had a water softener in a previous home and after moving they realized how much they needed it. Within a week of showering and washing in the Hoover water, the whole family started seeing and feeling a difference in their skin & hair. "My hair was flat and dull ...
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  • Home warranty company replaces water softener for Pelham, AL family

    Our new customers in Pelham, AL today received a new water softener courtesy of their home warranty company, American Home Shield. Their old softener had a crack in its tank and needed a complete valve rebuild. Rather than spending money to repair a 5 year old water softener, American Home Shield opted to install a new one. We also replaced the pressure reducing valve that had failed, which was ...
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  • Too much to repair, let's get a new one.

    Our customer in Weaver Alabama had an old RainSoft water softener that was installed in 2003. It needed a new computer board and other repairs. Rather than spend hundreds and hope nothing else went wrong with it, he decided to upgrade to a new SmartChoice HE water softener with a whole house taste and odor filter. It fit perfectly, out of the way in his crawlspace. Thank you for your business Mr. ...
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  • My husband said your installer 'Nick' did an outstanding job installing our water softener.

    Today we installed a whole house water conditioner for a great couple in Trussville AL. They were having trouble with the hard water in Trussville and decided it was time to do something about it. Their new water conditioner will not only remove the hardness from the water but will also remove the chlorine and bad tastes. We also installed a hot water re-circulation pump so Mr. R. won't waste ...
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  • "I learned more about water systems in this 5 minute phone call than i did when your competitor came to my house."

    Our new customer in Irondale, AL received a SmartChoice Whole House Water Conditioner today. He had been shopping for a water filtration system online and with another local company. He didn't trust the online companies to deliver what he wanted and didn't like the $8000 quote he was given from the local company. He said he was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do business with Aqua ...
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